Community Service Learning Reflection

International Womyn's Day

Note: If you did not attend the International Womyn's Day Celebration you will do a different Community Service Learning reflection.

Due via e-mail before Monday, March 14

One to two pages, 80 points

This writing assignment consists of two parts.

Part I: Write a short narrative of what you did before and during the celebration. What did you do during the celebration? In general what was your experience like? Was there anything that was particularly memorable?

Part II: Give feedback on some of the topics addressed by the main speaker, San Jose City Councilmember Rose Herrera. Councilmember Herrera mentioned three general topics:

  1. Work that women do and the inequality in pay between men and women, especially immigrant women.
  2. The threat to services for women (and men), especially Planned Parenthood.
  3. Women's leadership, especially leadership in elected office.
Select one or more of the three topics, and ground your response in research and/or your own experience. What services does Planned Parenthood provide, and what do you think would happen if Planned Parenthood did not exist? Are any of your elected representatives, at the city, county, state or federal level women?

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