EWRT1A Essay 3

Rough Draft Due Monday, June 11

Final Draft Due Monday, June 17

200 Points (100 points for final draft, 20 points for thesis, 80 points for rough draft and workshopping)

4-6 Pages, Double-Spaced, Stapled

For this assignment you will write an analysis of a YouTube video that has received a significant number of views. Your essay will answer this question: What does the video mean?

This is a very complicated question. You should consider who is watching and what the video means for them. What does the video say about a community that is formed by its audiences? How does the video respond to the needs and desires of this community? How does the video effectively communicate, and does the video suggest a course of action about the community?

In your essay you should maintain balance between background and analysis. Part of your essay will be about the community, part will be about the way the video participates in the formation and movement of this community, part will be about the content of the video, and part will consider aspects of the form of the video.

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