EWRT1A Essay 4

Presentations in class the week of June 18

Write-up Due Monday, June 25

200 Points (100 points for write-up, 100 points for presentation)

3-4 Pages, Double-Spaced, Stapled

This assignment consists of two parts, a ten-minute presentation and a 3-4 page write-up. You will present something to the class that is interesting to you, somewhat like a show-and-tell assignment in a US kindergarten. You should think of what you present as both an object and as an activity. For example, if you present your favorite song, you might play the song, thus allowing others to appreciate the song as an object, but you should also describe the song as part of an activity that is meaningful for you. The goal of your presentation is to communicate your relationship to your object and to allow others to understand the meaning that you assign to the object and how you have made it your own.

For your write-up you might describe some of the history and background of your object (there is likely a Wikipedia article about your object or the general class to which your object belongs). You should also consider communities that share aspects of your relationship to the object. For example, if you describe an activity such as soccer you might consider in your write-up the international context of the sport as well as some of the diversity in the meaning of the sport across national contexts.

This should be fun!

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