Extra Credit Assignment 1

Due via e-mail before Monday, February 25

One to two pages, up to 20 points

"Graveyard" by David Young in Red Wheelbarrow, the poems of Li Po, and the Angel Island poems all draw on a tradition of formal Chinese poetry.

Write a short paper on poetic images in "Graveyard," in a poem by Li Po, and in one of the Angel Island poems. Compare and contrast the way the images are developed in each of the poems. Try to specify what makes the poems similar, but also try to specify what makes the poems different from each other.

To get maximum points you need to do some work to specify the contexts in which the poems are produced. The poems are the expressions of poets in particular times and places. In class we are discussing the context that helped to shape the Angel Island poems, but you would need to look up some information about Tang dynasty poetry and the life of Li Po. Remember to include references for outside information.

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