Extra Credit Assignment 3

Due via e-mail before Monday, February 8

One to two pages, up to 20 points

This assignment has three parts:

Part I: Attend the Screening of Vincent Who?

Here are the details for the event:

What: "Vincent Who" Documentary Screening and Q&A with Curtis Chin from
Asian Pacific Americans for Progress
When: Thursday, February 4th, at 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM in Conference Room B
(Campus Center)
About: In 1982, Vincent Chin was murdered in Detroit by two white
autoworkers at the height of anti-Japanese sentiments. This documentary,
inspired by a series of town halls organized by Asian Pacific Americans for
Progress on the 25th anniversary of the case, features interviews with key
players and a new generation of activists.
Sponsored by: Visiting Speaker Series with funding by DASB, Co-sponsored by:
Asian Pacific American Xpressions (APAX),APA Students for Leadership
(APASL), IMPACT AAPI grant and Asian Pacific American Staff Assocation
For more information contact Jim Nguyen at nguyenjames@fhda.edu
Link to preview video of documentary:
Part II: Describe your experience

Maybe tell a story, or dwell on a particularly memorable image or point from the film.

Part III: Write about what you learned at the film screening

Did you find something particularly interesting? Surprising? How is the film relevant to topics we have discussed in Asian American Literature? How is the film relevant to your life and your own experiences? Do you have questions?

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