Oral History Projects

Screenings Monday, June 4 and Wednesday, June 6

100 Points

This project is designed to increase our knowledge of the actual educational experiences of De Anza's students, many of whom either grew up in Asia or whose parents grew up in Asia. The hope is that if students, their parents, and their teachers know about each others' educational experiences then De Anza will be able to provide a better environment for student learning and that students, parents, and teachers in the community will be able to work together more effectively.

This assignment is accomplished by small groups of students. To fulfill this assignment each group will do the following:

  • Form small groups.
  • Select a country in Asia in order to document educational experiences of people from that country.
  • Create a list of questions to guide interviews.
  • Check-out or find equipment to film interviews.
  • Find interviewees and clearly communicate to your interviewee that you will edit and screen the interview.
  • Film interviews.
  • Edit the interview footage into a 10-minute video.
  • Introduce and screen the video in class.
  • Each individual in the group should write a short evaluation of this project (a form will be provided in class).

To receive credit each group should turn in the video in a format compatible with De Anza computers and any equipment that your group checked out. Each person should also turn in an evaluation form of the project.

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