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Formal Essay on The Latehomecomer

Due in class on Monday, January 25

Three to Five Pages, Printed Out and Stapled

Also turn in your in-class writing assignment on what culture means to you.

100 Points

In this paper you will tie your story together with Yang's story.  You should already be thinking about the Telling Your Story assignment for this class, and the idea is for you to better understand your own story by comparing and contrasting your experiences with Yang's experiences.  In this assignment do not attempt to tell your story as a whole—you will do this in the Telling Your Story assignment.  Although your story and Yang's story are both unique, you probably share similar experiences—for instance, you might be able to relate to Yang's descriptions of learning a language, the birth of a baby sister or brother, moving to a new school, her experience of having a death in the family, or her experience with having a serious illness.  In this essay focus on an experience you share with Yang.

However, your cultural heritages are probably significantly different from Yang's.  In class I have presented this question to you:

It is obvious that Yang and her family encounter difficulties in adjusting to life in the US, but how does Yang's cultural heritage give her and her family strength?

Early in your paper define what you mean by “culture” and “cultural heritage.”  Within the body of your paper you should give concrete illustrations with objects/images, practices, words, and/or beliefs of both your cultural heritage and Yang's Hmong heritage.  Include page number citations in parentheses (MLA style) when you make statements about Yang and her Hmong heritage.

Remember, though, that cultures cross and are shared.  Like languages, cultures are always changing.  I gave an example in class when I pointed out to you the way Yang draws on a Hmong understanding of the bracelet her grandmother gives to her, and how Yang's understanding of her grandmother's actions in conjunction with the diagnosis and medicine prescribed by US-licensed doctors helped her to recover from her illness.  You should tell a similar story based on understandings you share—that is, culture—with people from your own background.

Finally, remember that this is a formal, academic essay and that you are writing for an academic audience.  Here are things I will pay attention to as I read your paper:

  1. Introduction, conclusion, and overall unity and coherence of the paper
  2. Clearly identifiable thesis
  3. Paragraphs with transitions
  4. Grammar and mechanics
  5. Printed out and stapled with your in-class writing assignment on what culture means to you
  6. 12pt font, double-spaced, 1 to 1.25" margins, 3-5 pages

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