CIS 15C - Data Structures

Course Description

This class uses the C/C++ language to cover topics in Data Structures:

  • Stacks, queues, linked lists, hashed tables, trees, heaps, and graphs
  • Internal and external sorting
  • Recursion, hashing, structured programming, and abstract data type concepts
  • Team project

It is required that you take one of these courses or their equivalence before CIS 15C

  • Computer Information Systems 15BG, or
  • Computer Information Systems 26A

Data Structures, A Pseudocode Approach with C - 2nd edition by Forouzan - Gilberg  ISBN: 0-534-39080-3


This is a hybrid course, with 2.5 hours lecture, 1 hour lab per week on campus. Lab assignments and quizzes are online. Exams are on campus.


Letter grades will be assigned based on

  • 5 individual programming assignments
  • 1 team project
  • 10 quizzes
  • 1 midterm exam
  • 1 comprehensive final exam
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