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Articulation Agreements

Students planning on transferring to a CSU or UC should research whether there is an articulation agreement for their choice of major and school.

What is an articulation agreement?

An articulation agreement is a listing of De Anza courses, which are equivalent to corresponding courses at four-year colleges and universities in California. In other words, the transfer school has agreed in writing that these courses will satisfy many or all of the lower division requirements for the major.

Where can I find the articulation agreement for my major?

Articulation agreements are available online using ASSIST.

ASSIST is particularly useful in that students can download articulation agreements for a number of schools in a relatively short time. This way a student can compare the major requirements from different colleges in order to best plan courses for transfer.

What is ASSIST?

ASSIST is a computerized student-transfer information system for California's colleges and universities that is accessed over the World Wide Web. ASSIST is recognized by the state of California as the official repository of student transfer information and provides the most accurate and current information available about student transfer in California.

Students can also access a database that includes UC Transfer Course Agreements, major finders and GE lists. More importantly, students can find articulation agreements for many California public post-secondary institutions.

Do articulation agreements exists for all majors and all CSUs and UCs?

Unfortunately, no. Some UCs and CSUs have limited articulation established with De Anza. However, ASSIST is still a reliable source of articulation for many majors and many California public colleges.

How do I know what classes to take for my major if no articulation exists for the school I want to transfer to?

Planning your classes is going to be more of a challenge. And there will be no guarantee the classes you take at De Anza will satisfy the lower division major requirements for the transfer school of your choice.

You are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor or academic advisor to discuss your options. First, you should obtain a copy of the transfer college's catalog or at least the section of the catalog associated with your major choice. A counselor will then attempt to find courses equivalent to De Anza courses using our catalog.

How can I find the catalog for the college I am interested in transferring to?

The Transfer Center houses many catalogs for you to look review.  Most US college and university catalogs can be found online. Check College Source Online to search for the college catalog of your choice. Students should investigate both the major and GE requirements for the transfer college of choice.

Example of Articulation Agreement:

The following is an example of an articulation agreement between San Jose State and De Anza for the major of Business Administration.


  • These classes represent the lower division major requirements for Business Administration.

  • The classes in the left column are the San Jose State classes.

  • The right column represents the equivalent De Anza courses. Notice that every college has different course descriptors for equivalent classes. Bus 010: Discovering Business (SJSU) is equivalent to Business 10: Introduction to Business at De Anza.

  • Because SJSU is on the semester system and De Anza is on the quarter system, sometimes it takes two quarter length classes to be equivalent to one semester class. Notice ACCT 1A-B (2 quarters of accounting) at De Anza is equivalent to SJSU's Bus 020 Financial Accounting. Although there may seem to be irregularities, notice for both schools, students end up taking one academic year's worth of accounting.

  • Sometimes there is no course equivalency for a particular class under the De Anza column. Either the student waits until transferring before completing the course or finds another community college that offers the equivalent class


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