Ann Reisenauer - Biology 11

Extra Credit (10 pts max)

1.  Powerpoint slides (5 pts)

Create 4-5 powerpoint slides on some aspect of human biology that especially interests you. 
  • Slide 1:
    • Give your name and topic
    • Tell me where you got the information (text, website, article, whatever)
  • Slides #2 to 5 (or 6) should have
    • Title that gives main point of the slide
    • Bullet points with supporting information (do NOT use complete sentences)
    • An image that illustrates the subject (check Google Images for ideas)
Email your powerpoint slides to me by the deadline.  The filename should read: yourlastname XC.ppt  For example:  Smith XC.ppt (or pptx)

2.  Current events reports (5 pts)

You may do 1 or 2 current events reports for extra credit.  This means you will find a current article (published in the last 12 months) on human biology or health in the newspaper or in magazines. 

Sources of articles:

Each week most newspapers have a science or science and medicine section that reports on new developments.  For example, look for the Science section in the New York Times. News magazines like Time or Newsweek are also a good source for current events articles.
These sources are available on the internet. 

Many scientific or professional journals/magazines are available in the De Anza library. Use the following web site to find them:

Scientific or professional journals include:

Scientific American

 Science News


 New England Journal of Medicine



Journal of the American Medical Association

Your assignment: 
  • Choose an article that is at least 1 page long (not a single paragraph or an abstract). If you are not sure if it is long enough, then it probably isn’t.
  •  It should be published any time within the last twelve months. No earlier dates will be accepted.
  • Read the articles and type a 1-2 page summary (double-spaced) as described below. 
Your write-up should include:
  • Your name
  • Title of article
  • Source of article (journal, newspaper or website)
  • Date of article
  • Name of author or journalist  

  • Summarize 5-7 key points of the article. Use bullet points.

  • Answer the following questions: What is the article about? What are the findings?  Why do you think the article is important? What was most interesting to you? 

  • Use your own words, do not COPY the article. 
Hand in to your instructor:
  • Your 1-2 page summary (double-spaced)
  • A copy of the article. This must be included to get credit.

email Email: Ann Reisenauer
Office: SC1 2nd floor 
TuTh 10-10:30 a.m. in lab, SC2116


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