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Intro to American Politics - Class Announcements

10/3/08 - If you downloaded Week Sheet 3 before Friday evening, you will be happy to know that I have made two revisions to it to lessen the load a little.  For the assignment on checking out the blogosphere, you now only have write about ONE blog site (about 300 words should be fine) - though I encourage to check a few of the sites out before picking one to write on.)

Secondly, reading and writing on Chapter 5 in Rourke, is now optional but can be done for extra credit.

Hope this make your week a little more manageable.



10/2/08 - Welcome to those of you who just joined the class today.  I am sure it was a lot to take in without the benefit of our first meeting or having had a chance to look over the lecture notes and text.  Be sure to get this coming week's work done, if you need a little extra time to get last week's work done, let me know.  Both Week Sheets can be downloaded from the course page.

9/29/08 - Our new classroom will be S55.  I have not seen it yet, but hopefully it will be more comfortable.

9/24/08: Thanks for your participation and interest in the class.  For those of you who are still hoping to add the class, you will need to come next week and I will try to accommodate as many as I can.  The number I will be able to take will depend on how many remain in the class and how many people the room can hold.  I am trying to get a more appropriate room.

In the meantime, if you hope to stay in the class you should keep up with he work.  Copies of both books are on one hour reserve in the school library.

If you are in the class but will not be in class next week, be sure to inform me and request the Week Sheet for week 3.

email Email: Blake Respini

Office: L14

F 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Political Science


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