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Frank P. Soler

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Probability and Statistics
B.S. in Applied Mathematics, University of New Mexico, 1967; M.N.S. in Applied Mathematics, University of Oklahoma, 1971; Ph.D. (Honorary with citations in Education and Statistics), Universidad de Occidente, 2002.
Before joining the Foothill/De Anza full time faculty I worked in the USA Aerospace program for 6 years. Prior to that, I taught high school for 10 years. Have done extensive statistical consulting in the biotechnology, medical, and financial sectors. As a hobby, I pursue sabermetrics (the use of statistics in sports).
Winter 2017
CRN Course Title
01243 MATH-002B-07 Linear Algebra
31052 MATH-010.-04 Elementary Statistics and Probability
Spring 2017
No classes found for Spring 2017.

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