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Edwina Stoll - Speech Communication

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"Teaching always takes place at the crossroads of the personal and the public, and if I want to teach well, I must learn to stand where these opposites intersect." Parker J. Palmer

Edwina Stoll

Edwina Stoll



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Group, Public and Interpersonal Communication; Communication Education
B.A. Linfield College; M.A. University of Hawaii; PhD. University of Utah
I am an Emeritus faculty member having officially retired from De Anza in 2009 after teaching Speech Communication courses for 23 years. During my tenure at the college I helped to form a 12 college consortium of northern California faculty members interested in learning communities and became the faculty coordinator of the LinC Program on our campus in the mid-1990's. I also co-authored a communication studies book based on collaborative learning principles.
Winter 2018
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Spring 2018
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