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Critical Thinking

Updated 12/29/08

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Whatever brought you to this page, I hope it will serve your needs. Its primary goal is to provide my students, prospective students, and colleagues, with both context and information regarding their interactions with me. The Critical Thinking link on the left connects to the home page for my primary course page. Secondarily, I hope also that it may provide some stimulus for dialogue about Critical Thought and Pedagogy, and about Philosophical Issues in general.

You will notice that there are also a scattering of links relating to academic politics. Faculty have many professional responsibilities. About a third of these are related to the governance and health of the academic community as a whole. I have a particular concern for long term historical changes to academia and the profession that are undermining higher education's service to the community for the common good. Many of the problems relate as cause or effect of the increasing dependence of higher education on contingent faculty. Thus my inclusion of such links. Over the years, I have done significant research on this issue and, as time permits, I plan to get some of this research up on this site. Please keep a look out for it if you share my concerns.

This site is a work in process, and hopefully in progress. If the site does not provide what you hoped it would, or if you want to ask for further information or clarification, please feel free to contact me. I know I am much dependent on your feedback. I hope I hear from you.


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