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Kristin Sullivan - Environmental Studies

Cultural Changes & Video Questions

  • How long ago did Homo Sapiens evolve?
  • H-G's were world-wide until Approximately how long ago?
  • Approximately when did Agriculture begin? the Industrial Revolution?
  • With industrial revolution, now "More fed, bred and spread" (Miller text). Increase resource use, pollution, environmental degradation.
  • Know significant differences between three society types with respect to Earth wisdom, energy sources, impact, and other significant effects.
  1. Pre-Europeans, approximate number of bison in North America?
  2. When are bison driven to approximate extinction? Why?
  3. What about the bison number now?
  4. When Europeans came to North America, what did they find?
  5. In the 1850’s, approximately what % of U.S. land was Government owned?
  1. How many:
    1. White people west of the Mississippi in 1845?
    2. Buffalo pre-white man?
    3. Native Americans when white man first arrived? How long had they been here?
    4. % Native Americans wiped out in next 3 centuries?  # left after 3.5 centuries?
  2. What were the major differences between Judeo-Christian and Native American attitudes with respect to the land?



Last Updated: 9/8/09