Kirsch Center

Kristin Sullivan - Environmental Studies

Economics Questions & Game

  • What ultimately drives all economies?

  • Are external costs taken into consideration when making goods in the U.S.? Explain.

  • How can we use economics to increase environmental quality?

  • What is full cost pricing? Can laws and regulations help to increase our environmental quality?

  • What is trading pollution? What are green taxes? What are user fees?

  • What is corporate welfare?

  • How does poverty contribute to environmental quality?

  • What are earth-sustaining economies? How can we convert to earth-sustaining economies?

  • What is a sustainable society?

  • What is a common-property resource?

  • What is the Tragedy of the Commons?

  • According to KJS, what is the "reverse Tragedy of the Commons"?

  • How do timber companies define sustainable forestry?

  • How do conservation biologists define sustainable forestry?

  • Why do environmentalists and the General Accounting Office accuse the Forest Service of poor financial management of U.S. forests?

  • List 5 ways in which the U.S. can reform federal forest management to encourage sustainable use of our forests.

  • What are SLAPP's?

  • How are college campuses involved in environmental action?

  • Explain how the Wise-Use Movement differs from Pinchot's Wise-Use concept?

  • Whom should the average citizen believe?

  • How can we ensure environmental justice for all?


Last Updated: 9/8/09