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Kristin Sullivan - Environmental Studies

Economic Solutions

Goods, Resources, SystemsGrowth and External Costs
Economic resources (drive/produce goods/services): Major Economic Systems:   Growth
Maximize by increased population growth and increased consumption
1. Earth Capital
(Natural Resources ) = Drive all economies
1. Centrally Planned   Another Way:
To increase profit through efficiency of resource use (More with Less)
2. Manufactured Capital =
from Earth ---- help from humans
2. Market-Based GNP/GDP:
Hide negative effects of making goods
3. Human Capital = Physical and Mental 3. Mixed * Internalizing
The External Costs

Use Economics to Increase Environmental QualityDecrease PovertyReverse: Corporate Welfare; Trans-National Corps. with Economic, Political Power

Converting to Earth-Sustaining Economies

Use full cost pricing


Greening business reward good; discourage bad environmental and social indicators reduce, repair

Laws should emphasize pollution prevention

DOW chemical shift due to environmental groups, laws, environmental quality profit.
Convince and Change
Some Regulations:
Command and Control
External costs, trade poll., Green takes/efficient fees, user fees


Last Updated: 9/8/09