Kirsch Center

Kristin Sullivan - Environmental Studies

Environmental Policy

  1. SOCIAL CHANGE - Gradual for stability, 3 branches, special interest groups, problems
  2. HOW POLICY IS MADE IN U.S. - laws, regulations, funding. 3 steps to establish policy: persuade "a problem", pass laws, funds to implement, enforce.
  3. COURTS: IMPLEMENT OR WEAKEN? ~ every regulation is challenged. Effectiveness of lawsuits limited by expense, public interest, time.
  1. INDIVIDUALS - They matter: change from bottom up. Vote, Give money # time to candidates, write letters, educate, lawsuits
  2. Leadership - 3 types:
    1. By example: Change is possible and good.
    2. Creatively: Campaigning, voting, work.
    3. Challenging the system, values, solutions.


Last Updated: 9/8/09