Kirsch Center

Kristin Sullivan - Environmental Studies

Environmental Problems, Descriptions and Solutions

ProblemDescriptionInd./Soc. Solutions
POPULATION GROWTH More people, more resources used, less habitat (less biodiversity)  
HABITAT LOSS Land especially - but water, air too  
RESOURCE DEPLETION Decreased: topsoil, nutrients, water, non-renewables  
POLLUTION Increased: air pollution, water pollution, erosion, toxics, solid wastes.  
GLOBAL WARMING Increased: CO2, CFC's, CH4, NO2, overloading C-cycle  
DECREASED OZONE LAYER Increased CFC's, decreased safety of life due to Increased UV  
ACID RAIN Overloading N,S cycles, burning of coal, oil from vehicles, power plants, etc.  
BIODIVERSITY LOSS Species are becoming extinct at an incredibly alarming rate  


Last Updated: 9/8/09