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Kristin Sullivan - Environmental Studies

Ancient Forest Videos

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see the land as a community to which we belong, we may treat it with love and respect.

-Aldo Leopold

  • The Earth's primeval ancient redwood forests once covered 2 million acres. What percent of this remains?



  • Some of our redwood forests are 200 million years old and are fairly stable evolutionarily. Besides being part of our heritage, name five ecological reasons why we should want to save these forests?



  • Most of the remaining ~5% of our ancient forests reside where? Are these forests protected? What is happening to our forests?



  • It has been estimated that the National Forest Service holds ~ 50% of all the remaining habitat in the United States. Trees are needlessly cut. Name three things which we could do instead of cutting these forests?



  • What is our biggest U.S. Forest Service subsidy?



  • What did the Sierra Club recently vote to end?



  • Why is clearcutting a problem? What are we doing with many of these cut trees?



REMEMBER: The genetic reservoir of these forests makes for invaluable ecosystems and may be a key to our future. Forests, in addition to holding medicines and decreasing global warning, help to nurture the body and soul.



Last Updated: 9/8/09