Kirsch Center

Kristin Sullivan - Environmental Studies

Living Sustainably


Our existence, lifestyles, economies depend upon:


Solar Capital = Sun

Earth Capital = Planet's air, water, soil, wildlife, minerals, purification, recycling 


Are we impairing the earth?


Can we live more sustainably?


The earth's natural processes developed over billions of years.


We need careful use of ecosystem services.

Two Basic Principles:

1. Energy flow =

One way, need constant input from sun (<1% of sun for photosynthesis), powers all life.


2. Nutrient Cycling =

Cycles over & over (ie., honc)

Decomposers needed here!

Why are ecosystem services so important?


We are all a part of nature


Services constitute earth capital


Support all life, essential to quality of life and all economies.



Last Updated: 9/8/09