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Preservation vs. Conservation Debate

Evaluate each group and record your score (This is your copy to keep and is confidential!):
Group # Not too Convincing Somewhat Convincing Very Convincing Excellent Job Your Total Score









































































The group that had the most convincing argument was

Group ______________


  1. View the video: The Wilderness Idea

  2. Discussion: What are the differences between the preservation and the conservation viewpoints? (ie. Which viewpoint was developed by John Muir? Which viewpoint was developed by Gifford Pinchot? Which led to the development of the National Park Service? U.S. Forest Service?)

  3. Group activity: Within your group, divide into two subgroups

    ( Group 1 & Group 2 ):

    • Group 1 represents the preservation viewpoint

    • Group 2 represents the conservation viewpoint

    • Each group is to develop a statement (editorial) supporting your viewpoint (you will try to convince the other group & the class to select your viewpoint) (15 minutes)

    • Each subgroup presents its statement to the other subgroup

    • The total group votes on the viewpoint which is the most convincing (Note: Select the best argument, not necessarily the argument which supports your viewpoint!) (15 minutes)

    • Review the viewpoint which the entire group has selected

    • Rewrite or edit to enhance your viewpoint (ie. will the class vote for your statement?) (10 minutes)

    • Your group will present the viewpoint to the entire class soon

    • Decide how you will present your viewpoint to the class (ie Will all members participate? Overheads? How will you get the class to vote for your viewpoint?)

    • Your presentation should take 3 minutes or less

    • Rehearse! (10 minutes)

    • Group Presentation Day: Each group will present their viewpoint

    • The class will evaluate each group

    • Determine the most convincing viewpoint

    • Tally results (50 minutes)

    • Turn in a copy of your statement before you leave class!


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