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Kristin Sullivan - Environmental Studies

ES 2 - Humans, the Environment and Sustainability

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E S 002-01S  MW 10:30 am

KC 239

  • Monday/Wednesday 10:30 am-12:20 pm class
  • 4 Units
Course Syllabus

The Fall 2015 syllabus will be uploaded in the first week of the fall quarter.  An example of the  Spring 2015 Syllabus is below:

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Link to the Green Health Website

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KCES Treasure Hunt
World Map
Hominid Evolution Reading Pages
Effective and Efficient Learning Strategies
These Study Techniques Work
Grade Percentages 4 Assignments
Hunter-Gatherer Societies Power Point
Farmer-Herder (agricultural) Societies Power Point

email Email: Kristin Jensen Sullivan
Phone: 408.864.8625
Office: KC 214
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