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Fall 2016 ES 80Y- California Field Studies-
Get to know your local and Permanente Creek watersheds- 
Learn, explore, hike, & have fun at the same time!  :)  

This 3-unit course meets on the following FIVE dates and times:  
1)  De Anza's ESA- October 12th, 19th, 26th- 3:30 (or 4:30) -9:20 pm
2)  In the field exploring Permanente creek watershed- Sat. 10/22- 8:30 am- 6:20  pm, Sun. 10/23- 8:30 am- 6:20 pm

The ES 80Y Fall 2016 syllabus will be uploaded on the week of the first class meeting.  

An example of the ES 80Y Fall 2015 syllabus is below (NO need to print...if you do, please copy double-sided)

ES 80Y syllabus-  (NO need to print :) )


(The 1-unit ES 80 (Local Watersheds Course) is anticipated to be scheduled for Winter 2017- Stevens Creek Watershed)

An example of the ES 80 Winter 2016 syllabus is below: (NO need to print :) )

ES 80 syllabus

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Sense of Place
Leave No Trace





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