Advocacy Activity Assignment Guidelines

Advocacy is the act of speaking on behalf of your ideas, beliefs, or concerns. It is a call for action. Legislative involvement for children and families (child and family advocacy) is most effective when citizens like you keep their elective officials informed of current issues and concerns.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop awareness about the individuals who have been selected by the voters to address issues on your behalf or issues of interest to the members of your community.

The procedure to be followed for this assignment is:

Step1. Contact the Register of Voters ( or

Setp2. Find out who are the legislator representatives of your district

  1. at the state level- Senate and Assembly
  2. at the federal level- Congress

Step3. Contact their offices to obtain,

  1.  biographical information
  2.  positions on issues related to children and families
  3.  information about a current issue in early childhood education and care that they are addressing (if any)

Step4. Prepare a one-page description of the information gathered.

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