Cultural Biography

No matter what your background is – you have values and beliefs… someone helped to raise you…you are part of the world.

# This assignment requires that each student research on their own family history/origins; geography, culture, race, ethnicity and religion.

# Your final paper should include the following seven sections and be at least 4-5 pages
(not counting Family Tree).

1. Family Tree:

Trace your lineage (if you can) to the generation of your great-great grandparents. The family tree should include name and place of origin. It is your choice whether you research biological or guardian relations. It is your choice to include maternal and/or paternal lineage.

2. Family Structure:

Describe your current family structure/living arrangements. Describe a family structure when you were a school-age child.

3. History/Origins:

Describe your immediate family’s (father, mother, primary caregivers when you were a child) history/origins; geography-names of nations, regions, towns, and places they came from or migrated to. 

Describe as best as you can the groups(s) or subgroup(s) they belong to; language, religion, political belief, county, neighborhood, etc.

4. Cultural Artifacts and Traditions:

Describe a sample of your family’s (current and past) significant/important objects; language, tools, furniture, music, clothing, stories, dances and celebrations.

5. Important People:

Name at least one person who as a teacher, author, poet, scientist, legislator from the same ethnic/cultural group as your own contributed to the esteem of that same group.

6. Cultural Beliefs and Values:

Provide a brief statement about beliefs and values shared by your identified cultural group.

7. Bias and Discrimination:

Make a statement about how your cultural group may have experienced discrimination or prejudice; during which historical period and for what reasons; stereotyped behavior or perceptions of others.

A Cultural Object Presentation

This is an expansion of your Cultural Biography report. You will present a cultural object which is special to you and your family. You have 3 minutes to briefly describe the object and share with us why this object has an impact on your cultural identity.

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