Li Wei Sun CD12

                                    “Make a Difference Project”

                                          Expanded Guideline

 Child, Family and Community is a class designed to assist you in studying the developing person in a social context.  The interrelationships that are developed between family, schools and your communities are a critical element in your work as a professional in the early childhood education and care field.

The “ Make a Difference” project is an opportunity to volunteer in a community organization and/ or program.  It aims to give you hands on experience in how to contribute to your community.

Storybook and Storybook Reading (20 points)

Your story should include the following:

  • History of the organization 
  • Describe the individuals that are part of the organization
  • Describe the roles the individuals have within the organization
  • Describe the services, who receives the services, and how they impact those who receive them
  • Tell the stories of others associated with the organization
  • Describe the nature of the volunteer experience.  Tell your story.  What you learned from the experience

Be creative in the development of a your storybook!   Samples will be shared in class.

Your will have 2 minutes to complete your presentation.   Bring a brochure of the organization to share with each class member.  Make sure the brochure has general information about the organization and contact information.  See the report evaluation to learn more about how the presentation is evaluated.

Project Contract and Record of Attendance (5 points)

Make sure to submit your filed experience agreement by the 3rd week of school.  Maintain a record of attendance every day you volunteer.  Sign in and out and obtain a signature from your supervisor verifying the hours.

Journal (10 points)

The journal must include a daily reflection of your experience (a daily entry is required).  Some of the questions to guide you in conducting entries in your journal are:  How does the experience move your heart, impacted you?  What did you realize?  What did you learn? 


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