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C. Tsuji Math 114

Final Exam Hints

The final exam is comprehensive. It will cover all the chapters that were discussed in class.

Some of the topics that the exam will cover.

Solve equations
- logarithmic
- radical
- rational
- absolute value
- expand, compress expressions using the properties of logarithms.
- rewrite in exponential, logarithmic form.
Find composite functions.
Rationalize the denominator.
Simplify expressions that are
- radical
- rational
- exponential
Solve motion, work, variation problems
Summation notation
- write
- expand
- evaluate
Arithmetic, Geometric sequences
- find indicated term
- sum
- solve
- graph the solution
Find inverse of a function.
Find domain
- rational function
- radical function
- logarithmic function
- midpoint of a line segment
- length of a line segment
- center, radius of a circle
Find the equation of the circle
- Circle
- exponential function

 The exam has approximately 33 problems.

To help your memory, you may use the sheets that you made for the four exams. That is four, 8.5 inch by 11 inch pieces of paper. You may add one additional sheet for a total of five. This additional sheet has the heading, ‘Final help.’

All sheets must be hand written.

To increase your final exam score by 10 %, staple only, the ‘Final help’ page to the front of your exam. This sheet must have the proper heading to obtain the 10%.  If I hear any discussion on this, then the 10 % will not be added.


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