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Math 210 Winter 2013

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COURSE: Math 210.-63, (01342)
College Math Preparation Level 1: Pre Algebra - 5 Units.

DAY: Tuesday, Thursday  - - - TIME: 6:30 - 8:45 P.M. - - - ROOM: E33

Textbook: PreAlgebra, 5th edition by Aufmann, Barker, Lockwood.
Pencil, eraser, paper, graph paper. No calculators.

Course Objectives:

This course covers basic arithmetic in application problems, estimation, the real number system, variables and linear equations, graphs of linear equation and the Cartesian coordinate system and the concept of functions.

Phones and unauthorized electronic devices are not allow in class.

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Cheating: cheating will not be tolerated.  If caught, then a grade of 'F' will be assigned for the course and the division dean will be notified.

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