Assignments are intended to be a learning activity. The assignments should be done as soon as the topic is covered in class. After the assignment is completed, students should review earlier exercises for review and solidification.

Time will be set aside at the beginning of each class to answer questions about the assignments. Please write your questions on a 3 inch by 5 inch card and turn in at the beginning of class.

The problems assigned are not intended for mastery of the topic, so more problems should be done. Check the book for more problems.

Your assignment score will be the percentage of assignments accepted.

Book and solution manual can be downloaded at:

All the assignments are located at:
- - This location has the book and the assignments.  Need to register, FREE.

 - - Course ID: 32095
 - - Enrollment key: math210sp18
 - - Course Name: Math 210 Spring 18

Please register before class starts.

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