Chris Tsuji Math 210 Spring


There will be four examination, each 100 points and one final examination, 200 points.

Check this page before the exam for information about the examination.

If an examination is missed, then a score of 0 is recorded.  For you to receive a grade, one must take the final examination.

Examination 1
Covers Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.
Given on 27-April

Examination 2
Covers Chapter 3 and Chapter 4
Given on 18-May

Examination 3
Covers Chapter 5 and Chapter 6
Given on 8-June

Examination 4
Covers Chapters 7, 8.  Only those sections covered in class.
           Function handout.
Given on 22-June

Final Examination
U.S. Government approved ID must be showed to take this exam.
Comprehensive.  Covers the entire course.
Given on 24-June

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