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I teach in De Anza's Automotive Technology Engine Performance Night Program. This 2 year program includes ten different courses that are the catalog '60' series. Currently they are AT60, AT60A, AT60B, AT60C, AT60D, AT60E, AT60F, AT60G, AT60H, and AT60J. All of these courses are offered over three quarters, Fall, Winter, and Spring. The basic classes are on Monday/Wednesday and the advanced classes are on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule
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Classes I Teach

Spring 2018

44808AUTO 50B1Applied Automotive Principles
00208AUTO 60C61Automotive Ignition, Fuel and Emission Systems
00209AUTO 60H95Advanced Drivability and Onboard Diagnostics
00210AUTO 60J95Advanced Lab Scope and Waveform Diagnosis

Faculty Info

John Walton

Automotive Technology


E11 Autotech Building office #E14

Office Hours

Spring 2018

5PM - 6PM Monday - Thursday or by appointment


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