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Generally, financial aid eligibility is established once a student has shown through application that the following criteria are satisfied:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen.
  • Show financial need.
  • Not be in default on an educational loan nor owe a refund to any financial aid office.
  • Be registered, or formerly registered, with the Selective Service (for male students only).
  • Be a regular student in an eligible program enrolling for the purpose of obtaining a degree or certificate.
  • Have a high school diploma, General Education Development (GED) certificate, or State Certificate of Proficiency, or home school diploma. Students who have previously met ability to benefit through testing or completion of degree applicable units are still eligible.
  • Have an eligible educational goal. Eligible goals are an AA/AS or vocational degree, degree and/or transfer and vocational certificates and are evidenced by appropriate matriculation steps.
  • Be making satisfactory progress.

For more information see the website.

Financial Aid
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Last Updated: 1/15/15