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Federal Direct Loan 
The Federal Direct Loan assists students from both low- and middle-income families. Students must meet the minimum eligibility requirements, which includes enrollment in at least six units at the college. Students who demonstrate need for a portion or all of the annual limit will receive a subsidized loan from the federal government, where no interest is due to for the period of time in which the student is eligible for an in-school deferment and for the duration of any grace period.

Students who do not demonstrate need for part or all of the annual borrowing limit may still receive an unsubsidized loan and pay their own interest during the time they are in-school.
Federal Direct PLUS 
The Federal Direct PLUS loan is available to parents of dependent students wishing to borrow on behalf of their dependent in order to meet the cost of attendance.

Disbursement will be made to the parent. The annual borrowing limit is the difference between the cost of attendance and the estimated financial assistance.

Financial Aid
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