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Academic Senate Scholarships

The De Anza College Academic Senate annually awards two $1000 academic scholarships to De Anza students. One is awarded to a student pursuing a career program Associate Degree and another is awarded to a student transferring to a 4-year college/university with the express intent of pursuing a career in teaching/counseling/library services at the pre-school through university level. Scholarship applications are available through the Financial Aid Office.

Associate Degree Career Program Scholarship


2012 - Rana Maloney
2011 -2010 - Kirsten Criscenti
2009 - Mesa Ungrattanakorn
2008 - Gerald Rud
2007 - Jose Garcia
2005 - Jodi Forbes
2004 - Kathryn Nickerson
2003 - Terrell Mitchell

Prospective Teacher Scholarship

2012 - Rachel Baltazar

2011 -

2010 - Farnaz Dayani

2009 - Samera Hadi

2008 - Michalina Zmijewski
2007 - Pao Weng Chen
2005 - Kamran Afshari
2004 - Syreeta Watkins
2003 - Dang Le

Note: A recipient of either Senate sholarship award may not receive either award in future years.

If you would like to contribute towards the Academic Senate scholarship fund, please fill out this Automatic Deductions Form.

Academic Senate
Email: Karen Chow

Office Location: Adm 117
Phone: 408.864.8358


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