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Equity Action Council






Veronica Neal

Director, Office of Equity, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education 408.864.5338 

Cynthia Kaufman

Director of ICCE 408.864.8739

Edmundo Norte 

Dean of International and Interculral Studies 408.864.8739
Jackie Reza Director, Staff and Organizational Development 408.864.8366
Marc Coronado English 408.864.8409
Salamander Breiter  Humanities 408.864.5561
Julie Lewis African American Studies, IIS 408.864.8798
Karen Chow English 408.864.5763
Diana Argrabrite Euphrat 408.864.5464 
Truly Hunter VP Student Services 408.864.8221
Amy Leonard English 408.864.8600
Melissa Aguilar Co-Director, Student Success Center 408.864.5422
Thomas Ray Dean, Language Arts 408.864.8546
Mae Lee Intercultural/ International 408.864.8973
Randy Claros Counselor  408.864.5418
Madina Jahed Equity Office Intern 
Sneha Thangellapally  Equity Office Intern 

Equity ACTION Council
Building:  MCC
Contact: Edmundo Norte
Phone:  408.864.8443

Building:  ADM 105
Contact: Veronica Neal
Phone:  408.864.5338


Last Updated: 5/24/13