Program Officers

The officer team meets weekly to create opportunities for the Honors Program student body.  You can always find an officer at the Honors Lounge located in S-33b.  We love to meet our students and interact with them.  Come check us out!

External VP

Responsible for integrating and connecting the program with the outside community through effective and professional communication.

Andrew Townsend
Major: Computer Science, Physics

Hello! I am Andrew Townsend, a second year STEM student at De Anza. I was born here in the Bay Area and have lived and studied here all of my life. In high school, there were a number of academic opportunities available to me, none of which I fully took advantage of. At De Anza, I have decided to utilize every opportunity I come across. For this reason, I am in the Honors Program. I see the Honors Program as the best way to prepare myself for learning beyond De Anza, as well as an effective way to maximize my success here at De Anza.

Internal Vice President

Responsible to work with the president and to help manage the officer team.

Izzy Schrama
Major: Marine Biology, International Relations

I moved to the United States three years ago from the Netherlands, but before that I lived in Malaysia for two years. Living in these countries, seeing all the different cultures and environments, created a huge appreciation of the world and a fascination for its complexity. I want to be able to live a life committed to making this world a better place and making sure we leave behind the earth in such a way that it can be enjoyed by many others that come after us just as much as we did. The honors program has provided me with a platform on which I can improve and deepen my understanding of what I am learning and how I can maybe apply these skills outside the classroom and towards my goal.

Honors Program Assistant

Responsible for documenting Honors activities and meetings, and keeping Honors Program functional, efficient and organized.

Zenobia Lai
Major: Biology

Since I was young, I had a passion to be a cool surgeon. But I didn't go forward with it due to my personal issues. Then, my family has encouraged me to become a nurse. At the age of nineteen, I became an emergency room nurse in my country. It was very challenging and stressful during the time. Yet, there was a limit to what I can do as an ER nurse, thus those limitation has revived my childhood dreams to be a surgeon. As a result, I decided to study biology in order to transfer to the medical school. The Honors program has given me the chance to further my experience and working with more diverse people. It has given me the ability to view subjects from a wide angle rather than being limited to myself. I look forward to expanding our program and this community. The Honors program is the place to thrive, share, learn, and have fun!

Vice President of Academics: STEM

Responsible for setting up educational workshops and activities for students to have additional resources to assist them with transfer and future prospects.

Angela Chen
Major: Computer Science

As  Albert Einstein  said, “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” To me , good result is a natural  outcome of  the hard work, solving problems and acquiring knowledge is a lifelong process.   As a student of computer science, combing all the details into a project can be intriguing  and tedious , but that is the fascinating part, too------nothing can compensate the great accomplishment from solving a hard problem. Joining honor program greatly enlarged my vision, here I see a community of hard working people, I am not working alone. The resources honor program offered greatly support my academic life. All those honor courses I took encouraged me to dive deeper into the problem and enhanced my analytical thinking skills. As an officer, I hope through my work here I can expand the influence of this great community  and bring more like-minded people together.


Vice President of Fundraising

Responsible for leading efficient and organized fundraising efforts to further improve the program.

Nina Vo
Major: Business

Hi, my name is Nina Vo. I am a second-year student here at De Anza College. I’m majoring in Business, which field I have always had interests in. For everything I do, I always challenge myself with a goal to become a better self day by day. When it comes to learning, it’s even more important to dig deeper into each subject, to fathom and fully enjoy their beauty. The Honors Program brings me all I need. It gives me the chance to learn more thoroughly about any subject I would love to further investigate; it thus fosters self-challenging and intelligence. That is what urged me to join the program right at the beginning of my learning career. Moreover, by becoming a part of this educated based society, I wish to meet and befriend with many like-minded fellow students, to learn from one another, and to together create a more beneficial environment for everyone!

Vice President of Marketing and Outreach

Responsible for spreading awareness of Honors Program through various forms of communication, and outreaching during events.

Leeza Saaed
Major: Philosophy

Upon the completion of my community college requirements, I plan on transferring to a 4-year research based University where I can further my pursuit in knowledge through a higher education. I am majoring in Philosophy and have aspirations of obtaining my Juris Doctorates after my undergraduate education and then eventually practicing law in the great state of California. My passion for expanding my knowledge is fueled by my creative outlet and love for art and justice. Being a part of the Honors program has given me the opportunity to dwell deeper in the subjects that I am passionate about and has also allowed me to utilize my limited time in college to the best of my potential. I hope to inspire other  Honors students to honorably follow their academic inquiries through creative curiosity and excitement!

Marketing and Outreach Intern

Assists VP of Marketing and Outreach in spreading awareness of Honors Program through various forms of communication.

Sepand Rouz
Major: Economics

Hi my name is Sepand Rouz and I am currently a second-year student at De Anza College. My major currently is economics and I am looking to be involved in finance. The Honors program came into picture during my time in the winter quarter, and it is a decision I’m glad I made. Being in an environment with academically minded students that prioritize transferring to a four year university creates a studious environment which makes it easy to excel. Collaborating with professors throughout the honors courses allows me to delve deeper into topics only covered briefly in class. As an Honors intern, I look forward to working with the officer team and making the Honors program a more welcoming and healthy environment to succeed.

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