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World Languages Prerequisite Clearance for courses 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Q: I have already completed FREN 1 and plan to register for FREN 2, but I was blocked. What do I do?
A:  You will need to submit an IIS Equivalency Evaluation form with your transcript to show that you have satisfied the prerequisite requirement. See the World Languages Prerequisite page for complete details.


Q: I want to enroll in a class. How do I do this?
A: The IIS department does not directly deal with registration of their classes. Go to How to Apply and Register on the Admissions Web site to get started.

Q: My relative wants to come from another country and study in the United States. How do I get information about this?
A: You are looking for the International Students Office. You are currently at the International/Intercultural Studies Division website.

Q: How do I audit a course?
A: You may only audit a course if you have already taken it. Look for the Course Audit Request form on the Frequently Used Forms Web page.  Read and follow the instructions on the form carefully to complete the request process.

Q: I'm a student at a UC, and I took this course 5 years ago. Can I get a copy of the syllabus/green sheet?
A: There are limited copies available in archive. Send an e-mail to with the quarter, year, course, and instructor whose greensheet you are looking for, and every effort will be made to assist you.

Q: What classes satisfy the ICS requirement for an AA/AS degree, IGETC, or transfer in general?
A: Any class prefixed by "ICS" qualifies for the above. However, certain ICS classes may satisfy more than one requirement for IGETC.


Q: I'm interested in continuing my language studies at De Anza, but I don't know which level to take. Is there a placement exam?
A: No, we do not subscribe to any world language placement exam service.  But a helpful formulat that we use is that one year of high school language is equal to one quarter of De Anza language. For example: if you took Japanese 1 & 2 in high school, you can continue with Japanese 3 at De Anza. There are no placement exams, however it is suggested that you contact an instructor for assistance by going to our faculty directory. For Spanish, you can try this guide to see where you fit.

Q: I have received an unsatisfactory grade in a given language class. How can I repeat half of a semester.
A: You cannot repeat half of a semester, you would have to take an entire quarter of the equivalent class (see above).

Q: I had previously taken Mandarin when traditional characters were taught and now simplified characters are taught. I'd like to take the class again, but I can't seem to register for it. How do I go about registering?
A: If you have previously successfully completed the course, you would have to audit the class to take it again, since the course is non-repeatable. To sign up to audit a course, fill out the Course Audit Request form on the Frequently Used Forms Web page.

Q: I took a class when it was numbered 91/92/93 etc., and I understand that these classes are now transferable to a UC. How do I transfer these units?
A: You need to make an appointment with the counselor, with whom you will make a Petition to the Academic Council.

Q: The next language course in the sequence I'm taking isn't offered next quarter. When will it be offered? For example, I took Mandarin 2 in Spring, and Mandarin 3 is not offered in the coming Fall, when is it offered?
A: Lower-demand courses are not offered at all times of the year, but most follow a sequence that is completed within any given academic year beginning in the Fall and ending that Spring.  For example Japanese 1 in the Fall, Japanese 2 in the Winter, Japanese 3 in the Spring. If a certain course has higher demand, the course may be offered outside of the traditional sequence.

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