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About Us

The Multicultural Center at De Anza College is a gathering place for intellectual and cultural enrichment, programs, services, and facilities for students, faculty, staff, and our community. 

Home to the Intercultural/International Studies Division, which includes 22 different instructional programs. These programs are remarkably diverse, and represent disciplines such as:

Intercultural/International Departments

  • Latin American and Chican@ Studies
  • Native American Studies
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Asian American Studies
  • African Studies
  • African American Studies
  • International Studies
  • Women's Studies

Programs at the Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center also hosts activities such as:

Our Faculty

At the heart of the Center's programs are more than 100 faculty and staff members who facilitate students' understanding of the evolution of our current international community and examine this from a broad range of perspectives. Our goal is to ensure that every student will emerge from this program ready to serve as global citizens in the twenty-first century

Full-Time Faculty Offices Located at the Multicultural Center

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