MPS Stats

On October 6, Institutional Research and Planning made a presentation to the Board of Trustees on research activities. The De Anza portion of the presentation included a recent assessment of the Math Performance Success program (MPS) as an example of how research can contribute to the understanding of the factors that lead to student success. The links below include a modified version of that presenation as well as other statistics on the program.
The link labeled "MPS Report 2002-03" provides an analysis of student course success rates in MPS and related sections for the Fall 2002 and Winter and Spring 2003 terms.
MPS Report 2002-03 (pdf file)
The link "MPS Presenation" below is a summary of the Report. A similar version was presented to the Board of Trustees as an example of the type of information Research can provide.
MPS Presentation (pdf file)
These 3 links are to pictures of summary data for each MPS course (html links).
MPS 101 Statistics
MPS 105 Statistics
MPS 10 Statistics

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