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Major De Anza Research Reports can be found on the district research web page.

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De Anza Research has conducted a number of on-line surveys.
The results are included on this page.
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On November 28, 2006, De Anza Research made a presentation to the Chemistry Department. The presentation focused on the impact of prior course preparations on the grade of the next course in sequence.
Chemistry 1A Tracking Graph
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In fall 2004 the district experienced a significant enrollment drop. In response, detailed information was shared with the Chancellor's senior staff on fall to fall enrollment trends with additional data later shared with the college community at a Townhall meeting. Both packets of information are included below.
Fall 2003 to Fall 2004 Census Enrollment Graph
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Given declining state resources, non-resident and especially foreign student fees have become an important revenue source for the district. The report included here formed the foundation for information shared to the Board of Trustees on our international programs on November 15, 2004 by George Beers and Marilyn Cheung, found at: Board Presentations
Interrev Graph
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San Jose State University continues to be the largest transfer institution for De Anza students. This report provides data on former De Anza students enrolled at San Jose State University.
SJSU Graph
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In the Fall of 2003, President Miner began a discussion with College Council on revising the De Anza Master Plan for 2010. In the Winter 2004, she expanded the discussion to include the Curriculum Committee, Academic Senate, Classified Senate, DASB as well as other campus groups. This link presents the initial draft of the documents under discussion.
Master Plan Revision Graph
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In December 2003 Instructional Deans were asked to put together a "what if" budget reduction exercise. This report is a summary of the initial course reduction lists outlined by the Deans. Since this report, modifications/adjustments have been made to the plans, but the report continues to outline a worst case result from reducing classes.
Reduction Graph
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In the fall of 2003 continuing and new applicants that did not attend were asked for their reasons for not enrolling in the fall quarter. This report outlines the results of the email survey.
Survey Graph
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The Occupational Training Institute serves about 300 students a year. This report includes information on the impact of the program from a revenue and student success perspective.
oti Graph
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On November 17, 2003, De Anza Research participated in a presentation to the Board of Trustees on transfer activities. The research portion of the presentation included data on transfer students, including where they go after leaving FHDA, what classes they take at FHDA and challenges faced by research in providing policy relevant information for decision-makers. The link below includes the presentation as well background information provided to Board members.
Transfer Presentation (pdf file)
Transfer Graph
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On October 6, 2003, Institutional Research and Planning made a presentation to the Board of Trustees on research activities. The De Anza portion of the presentation included a recent assessment of the Math Performance Success program (MPS) as an example of how research can contribute to the understanding of the factors that lead to student success. The link below includes a modified version of that presentation as well as other statistics on the program.
MPS Statistics (html page)
MPS Graph
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Winter and Spring 2003 LinC Stats Now Available:

LinC Stats (html link)

 Year End Student Financial Aid Data Now Available:
Student Financial Aid Summary (html link)

 In preparation for budget discussions this year,

President Miner presented information on the major categories of expenditures.
Planning Day Slides (html page)
Exp Graph
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In preparation for the Fall parking crunch, College Services requested information on when students were likely to be on campus.
The information is being used to plan for the fall parking crunch:
Data for Parking Analysis (word document)
Parking B Graph
"Peak Demand for Parking: 9-11am"

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This study outlines an approach to examine the
success of students in one course as a function
of success in a previous related course:

Course Advisory Article (html link)

Read article on the success of Learning Communities
LinC Article (html link)

Read article on the persistence of students who take Counseling 100
COUN100 Article (html link)

Read about Fall Early Registration Dates:
ETS News Bytes Article (html link)

 Summer Session 2003 will be similar to last year,
Research shows that 70% of students are De Anza continuing students:
Summer Session Research (html link)

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