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Budget and Expenditure Trend Information

The link below will bring you to a short pdf document that includes information derived from President Miner's Planning Day presentation on September 5, 2003. The day was spent with De Anza administrators reviewing past year activities and planning for the year ahead.

The link includes several slides that were discussed during the presentation. The purpose was to outline in general terms where money is spent at De Anza College. The data clearly indicate that the majority of funds are spent in instruction and on salaries and benefits (probably not a surprise to most!). Another implication demonstrated by the data is that the rising cost of benefits are taking an increasing share of overall expenses.

Expenditure Trends (pdf file)

See Planning Day Discussions (html link) for details on budget saving suggestions made by participants.

The link "Distict Fund 14 Expenditures ..." below will take you to a web page display of District expenditures for 2002-03. The page uses a different grouping of information to show the areas in which expenditures are made from a functional perspective. While Fund 14 includes most of the unrestricted revenues available to the district, additional spending which supports student success is made from grant and categorical revenues.

District Fund 14 Expenditures FY 2002-03 By Budget Group (html link)

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