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Welcome Language Arts faculty and students to the world of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)! 


To find the SLOs for your course, please click on the link to the specific division you want and then scroll down until you reach the course you want.

SLO Statements for Departments:

English Literature Courses (ELIT)


English Writing (EWRT)


English as a Second Language (ESL)


Journalism (Joun)


Language Arts (LART) 




Speech Communication (SPCH)



SLO Documents: 


De Anza Course Outlines of Record:

2. De Anza Student Learning Outcomes:


3. Foothill PSME course SLOs (just some courses):


4. SLO PPt for training on 5/1/09: SLO training PPt


5, SLO handout for training on 5/1/09: Writing SLOs


6. Bloom's Taxonomy: Bloom's Taxonomy


7. Basic Skills Handbook (see Chapter 15):


8. CMC^3 link to other CCC mathematics SLOs (some good, some not so good):


If you have questions regarding Language Arts SLOs, please contact:

Amy Leonard

Language Arts SLO Division Rep


Phone: 408-864-8600

Office: F-61-E



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