LEAD student

LEAD Latina/o Empowerment at De Anza

Past Global Issues Conference

This annual event provides an opportunity for students to share their research and ideas. In line with De Anza’s institutional core competencies, the conference is an opportunity for students to recognize their role as local, national and global citizens.

It is our hope that the workshops in the conference present an opportunity to participate in the democratic process, practice respect for social and cultural diversity, appreciate the complexity of the physical world, and understand the significance of environmental sustainability

2011 - 4th Annual Conference "Recognize! Organize! Mobilize!"

2012 - 5th Annual Conference "From Global to Mobile"

2013 - 6th Annual Conference "Whose World is it Anyway?"

2014 - 7th Annual Conference

2015 - 8th Annual Conference

2016 - 9th Annual Conference

Building: Multi-Cultural Center (MCC)

Contact: Chesa Caparas


Last Updated: 2/24/17