LEAD Latina/o Empowerment at De Anza

The LEAD Learning Community is a year-round academic program. LEAD students from all majors at De Anza College may participate. The LEAD Peer Mentor is a De Anza student who provides leadership in the LEAD Community. Mentors help new students in making the transition to college life and learning how to succeed as members of the larger community. They also assist in achieving the goals of the program, which are to:

  • understand issues in Latino community and their effects on all people
  • improve leadership skills, so that we can provide service to, and learn from, the communities we serve
  • build a strong, lasting sense of familia that sustains all students during their time at De Anza, and beyond
  • advocate for quality education for all people, regardless of immigration status, race, religion, or ability to pay
  • serve as a role model in order to share what it means to be an excellent student and valuable community member.

 mentor group



Shadow Mentors -

Any student may serve as a shadow mentor, whether or not they have taken the class in which they wish to serve. Shadow Mentors are expected to attend all class sessions and work closely in a familia under the supervision of a more experienced Mentor. Shadow mentors may take a class for credit at the same time they are shadowing, but must make that arrangement with both the instructor and a Senior Mentor before the class begins. 


Mentors -

Beginning Fall 2012, independent Mentors must have served as a Shadow Mentor before they will be able to serve as a Mentor for a LEAD class. If a student has mentored for a LEAD class before this date, they are exempt from this rule.   Mentors will be assigned to a class as they are available and are expected to fulfill the Mentor duties described.


Senior Mentors -

Students who have successfully served as LEAD Mentors for more than three classes are considered a Senior Mentor. Senior Mentors are encouraged to take on planning, training, leadership, and continuing support responsibilities for the LEAD community. Support responsibilities include organizing service projects, fundraising activities, and alumni gatherings.




Alumni Mentors -

Mentors who have left De Anza are still considered an important part of the LEAD familia and will be invited to participate all LEAD events. They are also encouraged to return to De Anza and help with LEAD events, training, and classes when they are available.






Group of LEAD students


What do Mentors Do?

  • Attend all class sessions and facilitate familia work in the classroom. Help the instructor with classroom management as needed.
  • Guide students to academic and community resources.
  • Aid in building group dynamics within the familias and across the De Anza community
  • Attend weekly Mentor Training meeting with the LEAD Community Coordinator and other Mentors
  • Assist LEAD Community Coordinator in planning field trips/site visits
  • Meet individually with students as needed
  • Record observations of students assigned to Mentor, and submit quarterly report to the Instructor or Community Coordinator as needed
  • Participate in service learning projects with the LEAD community 


Building: Multi-Cultural Center (MCC)
Contact: Marc Coronado
Phone: 408.864.8409

Last Updated: 11/14/12