Library Services

  • Internet & Wireless
    All library computers are connected to the Internet.  Wireless access is provided for users with laptops or devices capable of receiving wireless signals.  

  • Borrow a Laptop 
    Laptops are available to students, faculty and staff who have a valid DASB card and library accounts in good standing. The laptops connect to the wireless network and come equipped with standard software (including Microsoft Office). Laptops are for in-house use only, and may not be taken outside the Library.
    • Loan period is 4 hours. 
    • Fines are $5.00 per hour and are non-negotiable. If the laptop is not returned within 24 hours, the user will be billed for the cost of replacement (up to $1500.00). 
    • Borrowers are responsible for laptops during check out, including damage, loss or theft.

  • Library West Computer Lab
  • Reference area computers are used for searching.  If you are writing or printing a paper, it is best to go to a computer lab.  There is a lab on the 2nd floor of the library in addition to a lab located on the lower level of Learning Center West.  
24/7 Library Services:
  • E-books
  • Full Text Newspapers
  • Databases
  • Encyclopedias
  • Distance Learning Library Services
  • 24/7 Services
Telephone Numbers
  • Circulation & Reserves 
    (408) 864-8761
  • Reference Questions 
    (408) 864-8479
  • Library West Computer Lab 
    (408) 864-8850
  • Contact Library Staff
Library &  Lab Hours:

Building: Library
Phone: 408.864.8761

Last Updated: 12/16/13