Library Services

  • Internet & Wireless
    All library computers are connected to the Internet.  Wireless access is provided for users with laptops or devices capable of receiving wireless signals.  

  • Borrow a Laptop 
    Laptops are available to students, faculty and staff who have a valid DASB card and library accounts in good standing. The laptops connect to the wireless network and come equipped with standard software (including Microsoft Office).
    • Loan period is 4 hours for Apple MacBooks, which may not be taken out of the library.
    • Dell laptops may be taken out of the library. Loan period for Dells is 24 hours.
    • Borrowers are responsible for laptops including damage, loss or theft.

  • Library West Computer Lab
  • If you are writing or printing a paper, go to a computer lab.  There is a lab on the first floor of the library in addition to a lab located on the lower level of Learning Center West.  
  • Assistive Technology Workstations:
    Two computers, located on the first floor of the library, are available for students with special needs.  For additional information: Assistive Computer Technology

  • Interlibrary Loan:   Interlibrary Loan Request Form
    Items not owned by the De Anza Library may be obtained from another library.

  • Suggestions for Library Purchase
    Contact:  Tracy Lam:

  • Library Donations: Guidelines

  • Contact Library Staff

Building: Library
Phone: 408.864.8761

Last Updated: 10/27/17