Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What class should I take if I don’t know anything about machining?

A: Sign up for MCNC 71, Intro to Machining and CNC Processes. This course covers the basic setup and operations of lathes, mills, drill presses, and saws. Very popular with those who desire an overview of machining processes as well as machinist apprentices.

Q: Do I have to provide my own tools to enroll in the courses?

A: No, all tools and materials will be provided.

Q: How much will the courses cost?

A: This depends on several factors such as the number of units, textbook cost and whether you need a parking permit. For the first 4 ½ unit course the total fees will be approximately $130. Add another $77 for an additional 4 ½ unit course. A syllabus is provided for many of the courses so a text is not required. MCNC 71 requires a text that costs $50 - $100 depending on the edition purchased.

Q: I want to learn the basics quickly so I can be employable, are there accelerated classes?

A: Yes, some day classes are accelerated and are only six weeks long allowing for the completion of two courses per quarter instead of only one.

Q: How long are the courses?

A: Evening classes are twelve weeks. Some day classes are accelerated and are only six weeks long. Six week classes allow the completion of more classes per quarter.

Q: Can I take a CNC operation and programming course if I haven’t completed a basic machining course?

A: Yes, sign up for MCNC 75A "Introduction to Computer:aided Numerical Control; Machine Tool Programming and Operation", or MCNC 76B "CAD/CAM Programming Using Mastercam". Both can be taken if you have a basic understanding of lathe and milling operations. It is preferable to complete 75A first, but not mandatory.

Q: Which course teaches Mastercam?

A: MCNC 76B, 76G and 76L "CAD/CAM Programming Using Mastercam".

Q:The A. S. Degree and some certificates require MCNC 76 A-E and 76 F-J but only 4 ½ units are listed for each series. What does this mean?

A: Only one course in each series is required. Example: MCNC 76B satisfies the 76A-E requirement. The letter designation changes when a new software version of Mastercam is taught. If you completed a course with an older version it still counts toward the degree or certificate.

Q: Can I repeat a Mastercam course when a newer version is offered?

A: Yes, when a new version is offered the course number will change. Example: MCNC 76A will become 76B. If you completed 76A you can take 76B. Repeating a course that has the same course number as the one you successfully completed is not allowed.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Go here for instructions. You can also attend the first class meeting and sign up IF space is available.