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Medical Laboratory Technician Department

Faculty & Staff

Our professional MLT faculty are dedicated to supporting our student's learning experience as they achieve their career goals.

Patricia Buchner MS,ASCP
MLT Program Director, Instructor

Margaret Kuruma, CLS
Clinical Chemistry Instructor

Thuy Vo Pinheiro, MS, SH, CLS
Clinical Hematology Lecture

Debbie Wagner, MS, ASCP
Clinical Chemistry Laboratory, Cl Immunohematology Laboratory Instructor

Victoria Giles, CLS
Clinical Hematology Laboratory Instructor

Cindy Press, CLS

Clinical Hematology Laboratory Instructor


Jenny Chang, CLS

Clinical Urinalysis Instructor


Eric Moon, CLS

Clinical Coagulation Instructor


Henry Canon, CLS

Clinical Chemistry Laboratory Instructor



Medical Laboratory Technician

Office: S75A

Lab: S-73
Contact: Patricia Buchner
Phone: 408.864.8790


Last Updated: 2/9/14