At De Anza

Sustainability Policy

As an educational entity, De Anza College embraces and fosters sustainability as a core value. For
De Anza College, sustainability encompasses making provision and taking responsibility for
ensuring that every action and decision embodies environmental stewardship, social equity and
citizenship, and financial responsibility.

In this spirit, the college commits to taking the following actions:

  • Nurture environmental stewardship and literacy across the curriculum, thereby creating a culture of responsibility for environmental protection, including prevention of pollution.

  • Develop understanding of the inherent relationships between social, cultural, and biological diversity.

  • Commit to design and construction of campus facilities using green building materials and methods.

  • Expect all members of the college community – administration, faculty, staff, and students – to exemplify leadership by considering environmental, social and financial opportunities and risks in day-to-day decisions.

  • Engage the community in open dialogue about sustainability, sharing insights and models of responsible practice.

  • Achieve legal compliance through best practices that continually improve our performance.

  • Strongly encourage the use of vendors that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

  • Develop administrative and training procedures in conformity with this policy.

  • Regularly measure and assess our performance as responsible stewards.