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How to handle extra credit item(s) in Grades

If you have created an assignment or quiz item from the Add Activity area, the item will show up in the grades. Otherwise you can add an item into the gradebook and name if "extra credit" or "bonus", etc.

From the Administration menu click Grades.

Admin menu

For extra credit items already created and graded:

1. Click on the Categories and Items tab. (or from Choose an action pull down menu bar, select Edit ==> Categories and Items)

2. Then click on the edit icon (hand) beside the extra credit item.

You can get to the same editing screen if you start from Grades, Turn editing on, then click on the hand icon under the extra credit item.

3. In the editing screen, make sure "Show advanced" is click so you see the list of options. Check the box named "Extra credit".

extra credit

Now you will notice that the extra credit points will be added to individual student's total points, but your course overall total stays the same (without extra credit points). If you put the extra credit item inside a category, then it will behave the same way in relation to the category total.

For extra credit items NOT already created and graded as an assignment or quiz:

  1. Add the item by going to Grades ==> Choose an action ==> Edit ==> Categories and items ==> Add grade item (at the bottom of the screen).
  2. You will see a screen for creating a new grade item, same as the edit screen above. Name the extra credit item, give it a maximum grade point, and then click the Extra credit box.

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Last Updated: 1/27/16